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do what you like... like what you do... just have funnn and CHILL

Welcome to mii Page!!

"Hey it's Roshni! Welcome to mii page! yea yea this page is a work in progress. . . . i think it looks more like something now. umm yea i think thats about it. enjoyy!"

~and everytime i close my eyes, i see my name in shinnin' lights (: ♥

~I think this is one of the most CUTEST songs aliveeeee♥



feel free to ask me questionsssss. anythingggggg im serious! :)

 ~some of my FAVORITE quotes of all timeeeeee♥

~In my opinion, all dancers deserve to be appreciated for what they do...even if some are no longer here with us. We dancers create the dreams♥~ 

~Sara Porto♥~

~Katie Lunn♥~ 

~"I am a dancer. I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing...or to learn to live by practicing living...." ~Martha Graham

~Laugh your heart out
Dance in the rain
Cherish the moment,
ignore the pain
Lifes to short to
be living with regrets ♥ (:

~i loved you then, i love you now, and i`ll love you forever and always♥~ 

ɥɔnɯ os noʎ ǝʌoן ı ˙˙ʇnq sıɥʇ ʍouʞ noʎ ɟı ʍouʞ ʇuop ı

~Never frown becuase you never know whose falling in love with your smile :) ♥~

♥ D*A*N*C*E*R ♥

('")_("') OMG A BUNNY!! :D

Hope. Love. Peace. ♥
Live. Laugh. Love. ♥ 

"We dance for LaUgHtEr. We dance for TeArS. We dance for MaDnEsS. We dance for FeArS. We dance for HoPeS. We dance for ScReAms. We are the DaNcErS...we create the DrEaMs" ♥

"pain is beauty"
"Hi! i love you. ok, byee!"
"good friends dont let you do stupid things...alone."
"guys are like stars, there are millions of them...but only one will make your dreams come true."
"this is me...=)...after i met youu."
"i tried being normal didnt work out."
"isnt if funny how day-by-day nothing changes but when you look back everythings different..."
"im the type of girls who will burst out laughing in dead scilence about something that happened yesterday :P" 
~FuNN Stuff~ ♥ 
  - what can i say? we all have moody days. hehe. ♥
I thought these pictures were cool looking!! =] might as well share them with you. :) ♫
 hmm what else should i say...?? i know!! i'll tell you a little bit about myself.
well first off heres what i look like :P hehe theres a good start dont you think??
umm what else?? ohh i absolutely loooooooveeeeeeeeee my best friend sabira! hehe shes my lifeee. idk what i would do without her
umm i've been dancing since the age of three. its one of my most favoritee hobbies! EVER! :)
ummmm im a freshman at NAPERVILLE NORTH HIGH SCHOOL!!!! home of the H*U*S*K*I*E*S!! woo!!
anddddd i loveeeeee my friends anddddddd familia!! :)


We all have friends....i just happen to have my own. here i'll show you. :)




and the list goes on and on and on and onnnnnn foreverrrrrrrrr :) ♥ 

haha alright; i guess i'll tell you a little bit about myself.

- RoRo

- dancer

- piano

- the color pink

- dogs

- crazy family && friends

- music♫♥

- nail polish

- picses

- short(:

- hindu

- first soprano

- huskies 2o13

- hyperr

- peace.

- chocolate

- hugs(:

- love♥

anything else; just askkkk i'll tell you moree♥

















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